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Play of Painting at the Kindergarten
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Last School


A Secondary and Higher Secondary level school facility, Last School is unique in following the “Free Progress” approach by inviting the students to progressively define their own program of development. This approach has a demonstrable structuring effect on their personality and increases their autonomy, self-confidence and capacity of innovation. The school offers a curriculum designed to develop each child integrally their mental, vital, physical, psychic & spiritual.

The teachers assist the students in finding what they truly are and want to become, and to build in themselves a rich multifaceted personality, through a great variety of learning activities.

Activities of the year

The program includes literature, art, social sciences, natural sciences, philosophy, mathematics, physics & chemistry, languages, film editing, 3D modelling and sport, but also extra-curricular activities, like dance, theater, trekking, so that all the parts of the being are awakened and developed.


We had 30 full time students during the year. In addition, courses were offered to young Aurovilians and adults on Indian Culture and Sri Aurobindo’s philosophy. Moreover, the Art Center is being used by some students who are part of other Auroville schools’ programs as well as by adults. Having settled in our new location, work has begun to create the garden with the help of interested students. The pond and the classroom spaces are being maintained by the students.

Included in or completing the regular and intense work of the school timetable, here are some the highlights of the year:

  • We start every day with an Assembly with a concentrated silence.
  • An art workshop takes place each semester, in which everyone, students and teachers, works intensively together for 5 days, concluding with a presentation and display of the work.
  • Intensive individual writing and science projects over a period of 8 weeks concluded in oral presentations to the school as a whole.
  • A class on mythology was presented by Damian, ‘The Hero’s Journey’, in which psychological types were explored.
  • An initiation to Garbology was given by Ribhu, followed up with environmental studies with Lucas.
  • Some students participated in intensive cultural programs happening in Auroville including the Ultimate Frisbee tournament, tango and capoeira festivals, and fire juggling performances.
  • Projects for the community at large were taken up by several students in film editing and art, such as documentaries, short films and decoration projects: a door project for Santé, the decoration of the Tango festival, a documentary on the products of Shradhanjali and another one on Dehashakti’s activities. A short documentary of Free Progress (see link below) won an award at the Auroville Film Festival.
  • Various school outings were organized: the Puducherry garbage dump, a pharmaceutical company, a day’s work at the Hermitage forest, and short treks in the surrounding areas.
  • A trek to the Himalayas was organized by Jean with some students participating.


This year saw an increased commitment and autonomy of the students in managing their interest, time and projects. Many have responsibilities in the school as well as outside. All this corresponds to the objectives of the school, as a preparation for a meaningful Free Progress programme.

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