SAIIER 2016:Drama at the Kindergarten

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Play of Painting at the Kindergarten
Drama at the Kindergarten

This year the children in the Kindergarten did a drama on the 18th of February. The story was chosen from the Mother’s book called “Tales of all times”, which includes stories she used to tell the children that depict certain qualities.

The quality chosen for the Kindergarten was 'self-reliance'. The story from the book was made into a simple drama for 45 children. The entire Kindergarten was involved; we had different age groups from 3 ½ years to 6 ½ years old.

The drama was in English and it was 25 minutes long. The whole drama was broken into three big sections: the narration, the acting and the scenery. Some of the scenery was on stage through props, but some was the children themselves.

It was remarkable the way the whole play came up considering our shortage of time. The children practiced for twice a week, half an hour per group, over a period of one and a half months. They did a wonderful show and overcame difficulties and challenges (both internal and external) along the way.

For example, not all the children were comfortable on stage, so some of them had to overcome their shyness, and others had the fear of performing in front of the audience. They had to learn their lines to be able to say them without fumbling. They also learned to be attentive with the music, to know when to speak and when to wait for the actors to act after the narrator's recounting of the story.

The stage is a place to experience complexity and learn how to coordinate as a group. You are alert for where to enter, when to enter, the proper moment for your appearance and the exact time for you to withdraw; because if you miss a word or the action or the link, then music runs along and everything is delayed. So these are the challenges that the children faced and learned to tackle at such a small age.

It was a wonderful opportunity for all the teachers also to work together as a team. Each teacher had taken up a responsibility for the play and put their energy and talents into it; this made for us also a field to learn and grow.

This kind of big project and the involvement of the entire Kindergarten helps the children to learn so many things in all directions, which will remain with them forever. They develop their skills and refine them in a very fun way. They learnt to dance, listened to different music, developed motor skills; they learnt to respect each other and to understand practically what is self-reliance, courage, perseverance, and patience, and so many human qualities which are difficult to verbally explain to small children. With words it is a mental understanding, while through the play they developed the qualities within themselves.