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Environmental Education in Auroville's Bioregion
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Auroville Sports Resource Centre

The Auroville Sports Resource Center (AVSRC) had several training camps, tournaments and events in the last year. Through these activities of various sport disciplines AVSRC reached many people in Auroville and its bioregion. AVSRC would like to illustrate our activities, which underline our efforts to bring people together on a mutual interest in sports and strengthen a sports culture in the villages of the Auroville bio-region.

AVSRC’s new members: We are very pleased to have 2 new members that have joined our AVSRC team: 1) Lukas, a German “weltwärts” volunteer who joined AVSRC in September 2015 and will be with us for one year till August 2016 and 2) Senthil, a volleyball coach and Aurovilian from Trichi, Tamil Nadu.

Aikayam School Sports: Since September 2015 AVSRC’s new colleague, Senthil, helps as a head-coach in the Aikiyam School Sports Program at New Creation Sports Ground from Monday to Friday from 4pm to 5pm. Though Senthil is primarily a volleyball coach, he also trains the children in athletics and helps the other teachers - there to help with the children’s sports program - on the proper coordination of the daily school sports program.

Ragavendra Primary School sports: Every Friday and Wednesday from 2:30 to 3:15pm, about 45 children from Ragavendra Primary School located on the Auroville main road near Mudaliarchavady come to do their sports program at the New Creation sports ground. AVSRC received a request from the school to help set up their sports program using New Creation as the venue, and AVSRC requested Senthil to help facilitate and set up this program. For the next 3 months Senthil helped to establish a working plan for a weekly twice training program for the children.

Edayanchavady Government Middle School sports: AVSRC received a request from the Edayanchavady Government Middle School to help with its daily after school sports activity for the 7th and 8th class students. After meeting with the school Head Master and discussing their requirements in details, Lukas was designated to coordinate and organize the daily after school sports activities at Edayanchavady school ground and at the Adventure sports ground from 4:00 to 5:00 pm. Lukas coaches volleyball and football to the 20 male students from class 7th and 8th from Mondays through Friday.

Survey of sports in the villages around Auroville: Soon after his arrival in September 2015, Lukas was requested to carry out a survey of the existing sports activities and the existing sports facilities in the surrounding villages of Auroville. Along with this, Lukas was also asked to take down any request emanating from the sports clubs / teams for help to improve sports facilities in their village and sports materials. AVSRC provided Lukas with a local assistant for translation and as a guide into the villages. Together they visited 18 villages within the distance of 20 km and collected valuable information on sports in the bioregion. This was a really important step for AVSRC, because it gave us the data to analyze the sport opportunities in the villages around Auroville. This information will be carefully used to improve the village-sports where needed and thereby further help strengthen our relationship in the bioregion.

Village volleyball training program: Following the survey of sports in the surrounding villages and Senthil joining AVSRC in October 2015, many requests for a volleyball coach and regular training in volleyball were received from the surrounding villages. AVSRC Designated Senthil with this task and asked him to make a working plan and a schedule to coach volleyball in the surrounding villages. When this was ready, AVSRC put Senthil in charge of this village volleyball training program. He visits the villages both in the mornings and in the evenings to train the youth in volleyball. For now, Senthil visits only the following villages: Annainagar, Kottakarai, Irumbai, Edayanchavadi, Bommayarpalayam, Periyamudaliarchavadi, Nadukuppam, and Kuilapalayam training both the juniors and seniors. Using this opportunity of visiting the surrounding villages for volleyball training, Senthil also organizes the trash cleanings sessions with all his volleyball trainees around the village sports grounds in all the villages he visits for training.

Preparation for AV 50th Anniversary celebration: Much manpower and effort went into the preparation-process for Auroville’s 50th anniversary celebration in 2018. AVSRC has proposed a number of coaching camps, tournaments and court repair work in different sports disciplines and women’s traditional games and cultural activities that we want to accomplish while leading up to Auroville’s 50th Anniversary in February 2018. AVSRC had to coordinate and lead the correspondence between AVSRC and the various anchor persons of the different sport disciplines, who closely work with us in coordinating sports events in our bio-region. We are eagerly looking forward to Auroville’s 50th Anniversary celebration activities. These sports and cultural activities we plan to coordinate, will lead to a growing participation in sports physical well-being among the villagers in the Auroville bio-region.

Website: AVSRC is currently working on its own website, which we want to complete by August 2016. It will give a simple overview on AVSRC and its many endeavors in sports for the rural population surrounding Auroville, a bit of its history and the team members. The website will be another milestone in our goal to encourage and promote sports for health and well-being of the individuals with an idea of Sri Aurobindo’s vision of the Human Evolution. Eventually, we wish to include a sports calendar in our website.

Cricket: The cricket tournament hosted by the Auroville Cricket club for the teams of the Auroville bioregion, ended very smoothly on 27th March 2016. All the matches - other than the finals - were played at Kuilapalayam cricket ground and the final match was played at the Adventure sports ground at Edayanchavadi. 18 teams participated from the following villages: Edayanchavady, kuilapalayam, Mudhaliarchavady, Barathinagar, Irumbai, Alanguppam, Pettai, Annainagar, Aapirampat, Ozhnthiapet and Kootroad. Kuilai Stars from Kuilapalayam village and the team from Ozhnthiapet met in the final to decide the winner. The team from Ozhnthiapet village won the final match and claimed the winner’s Trophy. Mr. Joseph and Mr. Balaji of Auroville Cricket Club handed out the trophies and the prizes to the winner and the runner-up teams.

Table Tennis: The Auroville Open Table Tennis tournament was organized at Dehashakthi sports ground. Mr. Suresh of Auroville and Mr. Ramakrishnan of Kuilapalayam took charge to coordinate this event in which many Auroville youngsters and some adults took part. Mr. Yaor of Auroville won the winner’s trophy and Mr. Ramakrishnan of Kuilapalayam took runner up trophy. Four TT bats were gifted to some children participating in the tournament encouraging their participation and efforts in the tournament.

Kabaddi: The Auroville Kabaddi Club registered with the Pudhucherry Kabaddi Association took part in the 47th Pudhucherry state Kabaddi Championship organized in collaboration with the Sports Authority of India (SAI) and Pudhucherry Kabaddi Association on the 18,19 & 20th of August 2015 at Indiragandhi stadium in Uppalam. 47 men teams and 8 women teams from the Union territory including karaikal took part in it. The 2015 Pudhucherry State Kabaddi Championship was won by the SAI team and the 2nd place was won by the Thirubuvanai team and finally the 3rd place was won by the Auroville Kabaddi team. It is after several years that the Auroville Kabaddi club reached the semi-finals and won the third position in the state championship in Pudhucherry.

Volleyball: Every year, the Auroville volleyball team organizes a rural volleyball tournament for the villages of the Auroville bio-region at New Creation Sports Ground. So, this year, too the volleyball tournament was organized at New Creation Sports Ground on the 15th to 17th January 2016. There were a total of 28 men & boys' teams and 4 girls’ teams that participated in this tournament. It is noteworthy to mention that most if not all of the girls’ team members playing in this tournament were the girls studying in Auroville schools. The Police Inspector Mr. Rajendran presided over the prize distribution ceremony and gave out the prizes to the winners and runners-up of the tournament.