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Auroville Sports Resource Centre
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Ilaignarkal Education Centre
Aurohamsadhwani Arts Centre


Aurohamsadhwani Arts Centre started initially with two people learning veena, then slowly developed other music activities with Auroville students and village students. This centre has been running for ten years now, with team of five members from Auroville.

Activities of the year

Professional teachers taught our students with five different music classes. The students are from Auroville and surrounding villages, aged 4 to 50 years, including boys, girls and women. Classes took place at the Last School Heritage building.

  • Veena class: 13 children, 2 adults
  • Bharat Natyam class: 21 children
  • Vocal class: 7 children
  • Keyboard class: 7 children, 2 adults
  • Guitar class: 7 children
  • Total students: 59

The schedule was:

Monday, Thursday, Friday evenings from 6.30pm to 9.30pm: Keyboard and Guitar class.
Saturday, Sunday afternoon 1.00pm to 5.00pm: Vocal, Veena and Bharata Natyam class.

In Puducherry our Veena students attended most of the programmes like Manakulavinayagar temple, Meghalaya Governor Visit to Puducherry festival, Gandhi Thedal, Doordharshan, Sithananda temple.

Our veena students also participated in the Bangalore Art of Living Programme conducted by Sri Sri Ravi Shanker in with two thousand veena students performed in one place and sent a report of this event to the Guinness Records Organisation. In Thiruvannamalai, veena students did a performance for Chitra Paurnami day.

Our group participated in the Chitra Kala Award Competion in Chennai organized by the Music Academy. Our group got the Group First Prize, and one of our students received first prize in Veena, awarded by Veena Gayaythri.

Four students did Arangetram (debut performance) in Bharata Natyam dance and one student did last level in Keyboard.


Learning music and dance needs a lot of concentration, commitment and self-discipline.

All the students did their performance in Veena, Bharath Natayam and vocals in many temples and the Arts & Science College in Tindivanam as well as in Auroville. Students are the first beneficiaries and then the public.

This type of programme offers the opportunity to the Auroville and village students who are not able to join such classes in the city. In the future elder students may teach new ones. Learning music together and understanding each other, helping each other brings unity among themselves.


We believe that music and dance can envelop and go beyond the barriers of any religion or cultural differences and embrace all differences within. As Auroville is created for “Human Unity” this project, we feel, is very relevant to the ideals of Auroville and its education.