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Playground for Creative Expression
Papui and Elay: Health Trek

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“Papui and Elay – Health Trek", is a Graphic Novel featuring the understanding of health and diseases based on the works of Mother and Sri Aurobindo and our own life experience (Yvelise and Emanuele).


  • To give the opportunity to young people, through the popular medium of comics, to discover another way of looking at Health issues, up to the details of the daily events.
  • To give the opportunity to people to discover the writings of Mother and Sri Aurobindo on the topic of health through a reader-friendly medium.
  • Papui in his search for the Treasure and Something Else wants to convey more than a hope, but the certitude of the existence of a Truth that saves, a Truth that reveals to him the hidden meaning of things, the Truth of a creative Joy, of a Light, of a Beauty, and of a Unity of all things and events.
  • To encourage human beings to regain their ability to create the world they live in.


September 2009 - September 2011 Research into the works of Mother and Sri Aurobindo for the conception of the book.
December 2009 - February 2013 Preliminary study: basic structure of the book, story thread, conception of the chapters, with the corresponding quotes of Mother and Sri Aurobindo taken from different sources. This document of approximately 30 pages was the backbone for the story writing and evolved throughout the process.
January 2010 - January 2013 Drawings in pencil, ink and then colors of 125 pages.
January 2010 - February 2013 Conception of the dialogues by Yvelise. This was done in the form of a table indicating the corresponding pages, boxes and clouds of the comic book.
January 2012 - August 2013 DTP work by AVDzines and Yvelise (always working together).
January 2012 - February 2013 Translation of the book in English by Mauna by chapters.
January 2013 - February 2013 Alan and Donatella (professional translator) proof-read the English version. Sandrine proof-read the French version.
August 2013 Establishment of 3 estimates in order to choose the printer.
December 2013 - March 2014 Printing of the book in English by the Ashram Press. It took more time than planned because the ashram had other works and the hard bookbinding takes time.
April 2014 Book release and distribution.


We have produced:

  • A soft copy of the book “Health Trek” in French (original language) - distributed for free.
  • A soft copy of the book “Health Trek” in English (translation by Mauna) - distributed for free.
  • 1000 hard bound copies in color of the 120 page book “Health Trek” in English, printed at the Ashram Press.

The book is being distributed by us in several places:

The book will be presented at a book fair in Northern India by AVART end 2014.

We gave free copies of the book to: LOE, library, Kailash Clinic, Savitri Bhavan, Lilaloka library, Quiet healing centre, SABDA, healers…

We held a book release event at the Visitors’ Centre on 18 April 2014 along with a mime show about the book by Drupad and a short reading of a chapter by Yvelise. The release was attended by 50 people and we sold 25 copies of the book.


The writing of this book was in itself an adventure into:

  • Learning to write a complete graphic novel and how to go about it so that it is as efficient as possible. We had to learn to respect our respective rhythms, as a process of creation doesn't happen just by the click of a hand. There are small mistakes, such as the size and the place of characters, which is very difficult to handle when one does drawings by hand. It requires a lot of coordination. If we would do another one, we would try to get it better. Same for the DTP work, we learnt some important tricks and lessons.
  • Exposing one's own story to the public. This isn’t so easy and Yvelise especially had some resistance, which translated into lots of pain in her hands preventing her from writing. She had to buy a special program where she could dictate. Even the program wasn't enough as it would often crash. She really had to break through some inner resistance.
  • Our health and what happens when you look at your whole life in a synthetic way. In many ways, it was the beginning of a more intensive “work” on the physical and emotional aspects.