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Kalabhumi Art Studio
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Mirra Women's Group
Kalabhumi Music Studio

This year was a good year for music at the Kalabhumi studio. Besides the regular bands and music classes, this period saw the creation of many new groups and bands, and timings at the studio were very much at a premium.

Listed are some of the bands and what they achieved this year:

  • Swaha's Blues Band: A regular and popular band on the Auroville music scene. Performances in Felicity, Kalabhumi, Youth Center, Solitude Festival, Bharat Nivas, and Pondicherry. Included a number of guest artists from abroad.
  • AV Sisters: Lead by Shakthi and Vera, a new band that combined Russian folk songs and popular retro numbers. Had successful performances in Kalabhumi, Solitude Festival, Bharat Nivas, Unity Pavilion, and the Russian Embassy in Chennai.
  • Jazz with Rolf: Featuring guest pianist Mike from the UK and Kranti from Korea, the band did several performances in Bharat Nivas, Pondicherry and the Visitor's Center.
  • Anna's Rock Band: Lead by Anna, this has been a successful band over the last years, and has performed numerous concerts in Pondicherry and Auroville.
  • Spanish and Catalan songs with Nuria: Another band that has been performing over the last few years ,the band includes guest artists from Chennai and Pondicherry and hopes to perform regularly outside Auroville this coming year.

With all of these bands continuing with the start of the new year this looks to be another full and successful year of music in Kalabhumi. Besides individual concerts, several concerts in Auroville, including a large fundraising event in Bharat Nivas were cooperative events, with several of the bands performing together.