SAIIER 2014:Flowers and their spiritual significances given by The Mother

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"Glimpses of The Mother"
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Vivekachudamani and Mother's Agenda
Flowers and their spiritual significances given by The Mother


To identify the flowers growing in the Savitri Bhavan compound with their spiritual significances as given by the Mother; to label each plant with its spiritual significance, the Botanical name and its common names (in English and Tamil); to provide an educational resource to aid the children of Auroville, Aurovilians, guests and visitors to become receptive to the experience of the spiritual gifts of the flowers.

Description of project

First 150 plants were identified and out of that 75 plants were listed with the common names (bilingual English and Tamil) along with the Botanical names and the spiritual significances given by the Mother. This information was printed and pasted in metallic board and placed under the respective plants. Photographs were taken at the blooming season of the flowers and soft copies of the photos are archived for future display / exhibition.


A total of 150 flowers to which the Mother has given significances were identified in the garden of Savitri Bhavan, and listed. The plants were then classified under three categories in order to prepare corresponding indentification panels. The flowers of big trees were given the biggest size of panel, bushes and short trees a medium size panel, and small plants small panels. Each display panel has a metallic stalk and a sturdy metallic board on which the information, printed in white letters on a green plastic sheet, is displayed. These boards were placed near the respective plants identified. This opportunity of knowing the spiritual significances given by the Mother to each of the flowers is very much appreciated by Aurovilians, visitors and guests.


Increased awareness among Aurovilians, visitors and guests of the spiritual qualities which flowers can share with us. This project got appreciation from the wider public, guests and Aurovilians as an educational resource.