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Kalabhumi Open Art Studio
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Auroville Film Festival Educational Outreach Programme
Kalabhumi Music Studio

Open for more than 12 years now, the Kalabhumi Music Studio continues to be a focal point for large numbers of musical activities in Auroville. The studio is a space that offers Auroville musicians and performing artists the opportunity to rehearse and perform, 7 days a week.

This year saw some changes and improvements to the studio. The inside of the main hall was completely repainted, the wooden floor repolished and repaired, new overhead fans installed, and storage facilities created. Furthermore a UPS inverter and battery system to provide electricity during power cuts was also installed. All of these were welcome additions for the users.

On a regular basis many Aurovilian music teachers are using the space to offer classes to children. This has been expanding year after year to include a large variety of instrumental classes and workshops including piano, guitar, drums, tabla, saxophone, and singing as well as classes in composition, music recording and music appreciation. For certain classes the studio also has a separate smaller space which is used particularly for drum work and other similar activities.

In general Kalabhumi continues to be involved in many areas of music in Auroville. Regardless of the time of year the space is used by a large number of Aurovilians and the music groups associated with them. The building supports mainly amplified music, but is also used by other activities such as choirs, a cappella groups, and small theatre groups. In addition, the team involved in Kalabhumi is fully involved with other music projects elsewhere, through performances, organization and coordination of visiting artists and the setup of concerts at other venues in Auroville.