SAIIER 2013:Faculty Development Through Crafts

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Further Development of Individualized Learning within the Classroom
Faculty Development Through Crafts

Goal of the project

This year the main focus of our arts and crafts program at Deepanam School was to assist and equip our students with the tools for the exploration in the field of creativity and beauty with perfection according to their ages. The facilitators were there to create the environment, atmosphere and the ambiance where the joy of learning becomes the main occupation and the freedom in which the latent faculties of the child is addressed accordingly through crafts, paintings, clay, carpentry and pottery activities.

We also aimed to explore the rich surroundings of nature, where the younger students can go out for a walk and collect lots of material with their for their art and crafts class, and realize the abundant beauty and richness that nature provides us.

Activity details

All our older students (about 35 students) were able to choose from various crafts classes: pottery, origami, wood carving, carpentry, painting, beads-works, and nature crafts.

The younger ones (about 15 students) were mainly provided with papers, colors, lots of nature crafts and clay with their fixed classes in the afternoon.

Each child chose those activities that interested him/her and with the respective teacher committed to work for a fixed amount of time. As they were able to choose their own activities we noticed that the children were more focused and responsible, but at the same time those who could not make up those choices were assisted and challenged in various areas and with different ways.


We had about 55 students and 8 teachers/helpers who were involved the project.

Our main expenses towards the received funds were mainly to purchase the raw materials, like our painting classes spent for the paints like oil paints, poster colors, and only the older ones were given canvas boards as with time they have reached a level where they are ready to use such expensive material.

Also various inputs from skilled people helped make the workshops more successful.


Our mixed age group classes have always brought the value aspect to the fore front. The students were able to inspire each other with the sense of creativity, respect, love and care. The constant atmosphere of assistance, creativity and openness nurtured certain values in them like love, care, confidence, concentration and openness towards new ideas. They began to respect their own space and others too. The wonder of creation made them happy and content.


Like every year this year too we invited the family, friends and the community to look at the students' projects works. Such events happens at the end of the year and are a favorite part for the children, who like to show their works and their piece of art to their loved ones.

At Deepanam we are always open to craftsmen and the artist from different parts of the world. This increases the overall sense of creative unity in the children and also the urge of learning everything and everywhere. We also noticed it enforced on them to be cooperative with each other and brought about harmony in their workings as well.


This whole project of arts - from the different domains - and crafts was a six-month program which concluded with the open house. From experience we strongly believe that arts and crafts from a young age encourages students to take responsibilities, cultivates in them the seeds of perfection and develops their aesthetic values organically.