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Child Protection Service

Aim of our Project

Child Protection Service (CPS) wants to achieve general awareness building, acceptance of gender issues and open-eyes towards possible child abuse in Auroville and its surroundings. The particular approach is exercised by us from grass-roots onwards, and aims at protecting our children by creating awareness from young age onwards.


We undertake per month one class in each school, which makes nine classes in a year. We reach altogether 188 individuals per month in the following establishments:

School Name No. students Standards
Aikiyam School 40 6th & 7th
Udavi School 35 7th & 8th
NESS 45 9th, 10th, Plus 1, Plus 2
Edaiyanchavadi Government School 15 8th
Kuilapalayam Cultural Center 35 2nd to 8th
Life Education Center 18 All students

We start the class by sharing about Human Anatomy with students. And then we ask them what and how we can protect ourselves. From there we take them through thinking about cleanliness, healthy food and various other issues related to our body, health and environment. With children from 10 to 12 years we follow the work book from “Tulir”, the organization in Chennai. With children from 13 to 18 years we follow the “Unicef” books and information from the internet.


During our class we ask the students to reflect what they have learned from the classes:

  • We should be careful while getting a lift.
  • There are good touches and bad touches. We should be aware of this.
  • We will teach this information to others.

Regarding domestic violence the following points came out from the children:

  • Father doesn‘t realize his mistakes and fights with all the other members of the family.
  • For any small mistakes the children get various punishments such as kneeling on salt, being sent outside of the house, being beaten and some other kinds.
  • I will be aware of myself. I will make sure my friends and family are aware of this child abuse. I feel my culture protects us from this type of abuse.
  • I feel sorry for the children who go through the abuse. I even would request the Government to create an awareness program for the public and for all schools. The disabled children also should be protected.