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Translation into Bulgarian language of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother
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Unity Pavilion
Centre for Indian Culture

With the beginning of the year 2013, a spurt of new energy seemed to flow, doing away with old moorings and pushing ahead in a forward movement. Our first effort at the Centre for Indian Culture was to bring out a Planner for the year with graphics designed specially to present The Mother's following text in four languages of Auroville:

“My children, we are united towards the same goal and for the same accomplishment – for a work unique and new, that the divine Grace has given us to accomplish. I hope that more and more you will understand the exceptional importance of this work and that you will sense in yourselves the sublime joy that the accomplishment will give you. The divine force is with you – feel its presence more and more and be very careful never to betray it. Feel, wish, act, that you may be new beings for the realization of a new world and for this my blessings shall be always with you.”[1]

Then we engaged with some of the core Working Groups of Auroville and, in collaboration with them, set up interactions between the work being done by them and the Community at large. A serious of events were thus organized which covered a period of a few months, with a special focus on Auroville‘s Birthday Week in February. This engagement/ collaboration with the Working Groups were an intense and useful exercise.

Since a month, an initiative to arrive at an 'overview' of Education has been started. About 3 – 4 years back, the attempt was made to bring together, under a broad spectrum, the many ongoing programmes of Education and diverse facilities for learning and research that Auroville offers in the total field of the experiment. Members of the International Advisory Council, the Governing Board and of the Community participated in this effort.

However, the effort suffered a lapse in the last few years. The urgent need has again been felt to create such an 'overview' of all the facilities for learning that already exist in Auroville – through its schools, research centres, work units, alternative energy and green work, arts/crafts, etc – and which give a specific 'overview' to Auroville Education. Education in Auroville has reached a certain point of maturity that defines and gives form to its own distinctiveness.

Two meetings were set up in the past month to bring our energies together. Those present felt that it was time to bring such an identity to the fore. This group also had an inter-action with the Chairman and members of the Governing Board, when it met here recently. It was suggested that a small physical space – to serve as a seat of permanence – would be of help. As the SAIIER building is nearing completion, a space could be set apart to bring together individuals who would look at Auroville as a whole, in terms of educational possibilities that exist. The unique aspects of such learning and research would then form a rich tapestry which could be shared more widely among ourselves within the Community and with others.

This initiative to arrive at an overview has only just begun but holds much promise – and the need for following it up is felt by many.


  • Integral Consciousness conference by Dr. Bahman Shirazi, who teaches at California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco and at Sofia University (formerly ITP) in Palo Alto, California. He has presented at and organized conferences internationally in the areas of Integral Psychology and Sufi Psychology. (December 27 – 28, 2012, Thursday and Friday, Bharat Nivas)
  • Book release: Adaptation from Chhandogya Upanishad, realized by Auroville Papers and Auroville Press. (January 25, Friday, Bharat Nivas)
  • Eye Care Awareness Symposium: Conducted by Aravind Eye Hospital, Pondicherry. (February 13, Friday, Town Hall)
  • Next Steps in Integral Health for Auroville: Presentation by the Kailash Clinic and AVIIH (February 22, Friday, Town Hall)
  • Back to Future by Dr. Chris Macann, who re-traces the journey to the Vedas. He is a European philosopher, with original work in Phenomenology that carries the inspiration from Sri Aurobindo. (February 23, Saturday, Town Hall)
  • Love: Molecular Basis and Beyond by Dr. Anand Kumar, from the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.
  • International Zone: The International Zone wants to move ahead with the development of the city, and invites everyone to see together our next steps. (February 26, Tuesday, Unity Pavilion)
  • Classical music (February 26, Tuesday, Sri Aurobindo Auditorium)
  • The Role of Body Practices in Spiritual Transformation: Workshop offered by Dr. Don Hanlon Johnson, Professor at The California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, a pioneer in Somatic Psychology. (March 14 – 15, Thursday and Friday, Town Hall)

  1. 24 April 1961, Collected Works of The Mother, Vol. 12: On Education, p.272