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Educational Practices and Opportunities for Adults in Auroville
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Science Fair
Auroville Best Practices

This exhibition on Auroville's creativity and research for the Visitors Center is planned to be ready in mid August 2013. This is later than our original date of completion due to our designer declaring his non-availability for this project late in the Fall. His difficulties centered on how to successfully display together both the diversity and the common Auroville thread.

Rakhal has agreed to take on the challenge and is working with artists from the Pyramids School to create the displays and the general design. This includes landscaping the garden outside the room to gain more space for the exhibition and create an outdoor/indoor environment.

Information, pictures, objects and videos are being collated from and interviews conducted with 15 units in Auroville that fit the criteria and have expressed interest in participating to this exhibition. These include Auroville Earth Institute, Auroville Bamboo Centre, Dental Service and its outreach program, Pyramids School, Mohanam Cultural Centre, Auroville Papers, Sound Wizard, Well Paper, Svaram, Auroville Language Lab, Auroville Consulting, Garbology, and Auroville Retreat.

The grant from SAIIER has enabled us to do the lighting and carpentry work for hanging the displays, and purchase the screen for showing the videos in a loop. We chose to go for one big screen instead of two small ones for practical reasons of noise and easy visibility. The Dental Service exhibition is presently being displayed in the room. We have included some pictures of the room showing that exhibition and the screen.