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Centre for Research in the Performing Arts
Aurohamsadhwani Arts Centre


The aim of Aurohamsadhwani is to see the impact of classical music on the growing generation and the adults towards harmonious coexistence as we celebrate “Human Unity” in Auroville.


  1. The Dance classes are conducted with 28 students in 3 batches.
  2. The Veena classes are conducted with 27 students in 3 batches.
  3. The Vocal classes are conducted with 16 students in 1 batch.
  4. The Keyboard classes are conducted with 15 students in 1 batch.
  5. The Guitar classes are conducted with 5 students in 1 batch.


  • Veena and Bharatha Natyam were performed in Bharat Nivas and at the SAWCHU building for the Thiyagaraja Arathanai festival.
  • We performed veena at the Thirukazhukundram Siva temple festival of Amman; at Chitther Peedam, Puducherry; and on Universal Women’s Day conducted by Arumai Rehabilitation Centre in Puducherry.
  • We attended the veena competition during Children’s Day at the Sankaran Vidyalaya School in Villupuram and got an excellence award and the Ist and IInd places.
  • We performed Bharatha Natyam at the Sri Aurobindo Trust in Puducherry.
  • We performed dance in Bharath Nivas, Auroville during the Tamil New Year Festival.
  • During the Sivarathri festival our students performed veena in the Sithananda temple, Puducherry.


The students’ strength has vastly increased after the parents have seen the children perform inside and outside of Auroville.

In keyboard, five of our students had their progress evaluated by the College of Trinity from England. All of them received First Class and Second Class.

This is an ongoing programme and new adults and new children are joining the veena class at all times. The students learn to perform individually (solo performance). They learn to identify the Ragas. Sometimes students play the veena in their schools to show to the other children and to explain about the instruments. Through these programmes our students visit many temples and know the history of the places and the temples.


It has been a great experience for all who are attending these classes, as they are learning to work in a group and to help each other. They not only share their difficulties related to the classes, but also learn to deal with the other people they face and get advice from the adults. These classes give us the pleasure to see the children interact indifferently with other children and adults from outside Auroville.