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Auroville Nature Camp
Aranya Forest


This year at Aranya we mainly focused on helping the land and forest recover from cyclone Thane. In the Usutu Lake bio-region, the cyclone hit heavily and caused severe biodiversity loss. We worked to asses the loss and help restore the ecosystem by involving school students and village eco-clubs. We also continued our work raising awareness of the existing environmental bio-degradation of the surrounding forest, and the importance of ecosystem conservation.

Activities of the year

  • Assessment of tree cover loss in Usutu Lake bioregion with the help of school students and eco-clubs.
  • Preparation of list of tree species which have been uprooted and partially damaged.
  • Preparation of list of naturally regenerating plant species.
  • Restoration of these tree species through plantation where possible.
  • Providing trainings to school students and teachers on conservation of the natural ecosystem.
  • Organizing exposure visits to remnant forest areas for interested school groups and teachers.

Visitors to Aranya

Date Name of the school / college No. of Students
17.04.2012 Udavi School, Auroville 35
22.04.2012 Police College, Villupuram 15
24.04.2012 - 25.04.2012 Govt. Higher Sec. School NSS Students, Korkado (2 days camp) 55
26.04.2012 Govt. Higher Sec. School NSS Students, Sedurapattu 53
28.04.2012 Vallalar Govt. Girls’ Higher Sec. School, Lawspatti 58
30.04.2012 Shankar Vidyalaya Govt. Higher Sec. School NSS Students, Villinoor 56
17.05.2012 Bharathidasan English Higher Sec. School, Mutharaiyarpalayam 97
29.05.2012 Sri Ramakrishana Vidyalaya Higher Sec. School, Puducherry 96
01.06.2012 Kasthurba Womam Collage NSS Students, Villinoor, Puducherry 65
14.07.2012 NSS Co-ordinators Group one-day workshop, Puducheery 90
21.07.2012 Sadhana Forest, Auroville 12
04.08.2012 NSS Co-ordinators, Karaikal, Pondicherry 102
11.08.2012 Students from Austria and France 14
13.08.2012 N. Vikraman, NABARD, GM, Villupuram 4
16.08.2012 Jansirani SWG, Pondicherry 24
29.08.2012 Assisi India staff & community, Pudukotti & Kancheepuram 48
01.09.2012 M.S. Swaminathan Research Foundation, South Asian Group, Chennai 38
17.10.2012 Chennai Snake Park 18
26.11.2012 Govt. Middle School, Keezhagraharam 45
27.11.2012 G.H.S. Kalmandapam, Puducherry 108
27.11.2012 G.H.S.S, Sedarapet, Puducherry 96
28.11.2012 G.H.S., Gandhi Nagar, Puducherry 100
17.12.2012 Ilongo Adigal Govt Hr. Sec. School, Muthirapalayam 53
24.12.2012 Govt. Boys’ Middle School, Delarshpet 60
15.01.2013 St. Thomas Church School, Ariyankuppam 35
24.01.2012 Govt. Middle School, Kurumbapet 52
04.02.2012 Organic farmers, Puducheery & Namalvar Vanagam Tamilnadu 40
07.02.2012 Govt. Middle School, Kodathur 114
11.02.2012 Tagore Arts College, NSS students 38
13.02.2013 Tagore Arts College, Puducherry 45
14.02.2013 Muthurathin & Aranam High School, Puducherry 79
18.02.2013 Sadhana Forest, Auroville 20
25.02.2013 Muthurathin & Aranam High School, Puducherry 78
27.02.2013 Nalavar Nedunchezhian Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Puducherry 105
27.02.2013 Govt. Printing workers 12
25.03.2013 Transition School, Auroville (2nd grade) 20
30.03.2013 Pavender Bharathidasan Govt. Hr. Sec. School, P.S. Palayam 40
31.03.2013 Kannagi School, Villanlur & Ariyur Govt. Hr. Sec. School, Puducherry 150


  • Trees were planted in the Usutu-lake bioregion including school campuses, health centres, as avenue plants, etc.
  • School students, Eco-club members and teachers were motivated to plant more in the future.
  • Lists were created of species (a) which were badly affected by cyclone Thane (b) which tolerated it and recovered.
  • Posters and booklets were published.