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Aikido Dojo


In the context of the evolution of Auroville Aikikai, more regular training and closer monitoring was necessary to develop a higher level Aikido. There was therefore a need for guidance from not only an excellent technician but a person engaged in the project of Auroville. This guidance is provided by our teacher André Palméri (6th dan - Marseille - France).

He is not only imparting training to all our practitioners and Instructors but has taken a keen interest in helping develop the Aikido School (Aikikai) in Auroville. He is a Friend of Auroville and comes now since over 4 years with his wife Alexandra, herself a Teacher (3rd Dan), to help us in a true spirit of service.


This year training was programmed in the following way:

  • Annual workshop in Auroville for training of our Instructors, as well as boosting the adults and adolescents sections.
  • Annual training at Makoto Dojo (Marseille, France) for Auroville Instructors to improve their practice in a formal structure and share in the experience of the advanced practitioners of the Dojo (2nd, 3rd and 4th Dan).
  • A workshop took place from 9 to 23 March 2013. Originally classes were programmed to take place every two days to allow students to recover from the strain in a meaningful way. One objective of the workshop was the consolidation of bases and foundations of practice to provide enough technical material to work with, all along the year. Moreover, it has also helped deepen the understanding of the practice, the restructuring of the management team and the organization of work at the Dojo for the coming years.

There is a concentrated effort to structure the learning and technical work, through establishing a comprehensive program for the passing of grades. (Lists of techniques were distributed during the workshop). There are individual passports for tracking students and their motivation. Students have the provision to make a passing grade during the coming workshop in 2014.


Practically we have now two promising Auroville kids, both Tamil, who are interested in pursuing higher study in Aikido. Soon the first Instructors born in Auroville will rise from our own kids. Also, Murugan who comes from the local community, and who practices at Auroville Aikikai since the early 90s, is receiving training as an Instructor. This is a first in Auroville.

We receive several times a year requests for information from Indian citizens from as far as Bombay, Madras, Bangalore, asking to come for training. We already have students coming daily from Pondicherry and the Ashram.

Future direction

Cristo will devote more energy in training the children and teenagers (who are the future of Auroville) and Surya is taking up some adults‘ classes. A Dojo will be built this year and construction work will start in July 2013. The building of a Dojo will allow us to receive more students on a daily basis. In particular, classes will be opened in the evening which was not possible till date. All this has become possible thanks to SAIIER's constant support and encouragement.