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Mother's Agenda
December 15, 1962

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“[Max Théon] said he had received initiation in India (he knew a little Sanskrit and the Rig-Veda thoroughly), and then he formulated a tradition which he called the ‘cosmic tradition’ and which he claimed to have received — I don't know how — from a tradition anterior to that of the Cabala and the Vedas. But there were many things (Madame Théon was the clairvoyant one, and she received visions; oh, she was wonderful!), many things that I myself had seen and known before knowing them which were then substantiated.
         So personally, I am convinced that there was indeed a tradition anterior to both these traditions containing a knowledge very close to an integral knowledge. Certainly, there is a similarity in the experiences. When I came here and told Sri Aurobindo certain things I knew from the occult standpoint, he always said that it conformed to the Vedic tradition. And as for certain occult practices, he told me that they were entirely tantric — and I knew nothing at that time, absolutely nothing, neither the Vedas nor the Tantras.
         So very probably there was a tradition anterior to both. I have recollections (for me, these are always things I have LIVED), very clear, very distinct recollections of a time that was certainly VERY anterior to the Vedic times and to the Cabala, to the Chaldean tradition.
         But now, there is only a very small number of people in the West who know that it isn't merely subjective or imaginative (the result of a more or less unbridled imagination), and that it corresponds to a universal truth.”[1]

Revue Cosmique
Vol. 1 No. 1 (Jan. 1901)

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      Revue Cosmique
Vol. 5 No. 11 (Nov. 1906)*

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      Revue Cosmique
Vol. 5 No. 12 (Dec. 1906)**

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*See “Une Vision” by the Mother, p.664
**See “Une Vision” by the Mother, p.735

“Bref Exposé de la Philosophie
Cosmique” (1914, Paris)

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PDF (36 pages)
        “Exposé Preparatoire a l'étude de la
Philosophie Cosmique” (1926, Nice)

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PDF (56 pages)

  1. Agenda, 4 November 1958

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