Restaurants in Pondicherry

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Budget Restaurants

Suruguru This is probably the best pure vegetarian restaurant in town. They are situated just at the entrance to Pondy on the right hand side. They recently opened a branch on Mission St.

Apachi This little restaurant has good veg and non-veg food. They are located on Rangapillai street (?) near the canal.

Daily Bread

Hot Breads

Mid-range Restaurants

China Restaurant This is a nice A/C restaurant that has a good variety of chinese food. Located on the corner of West Blvd., about 3 blocks after Nehru St. (left hand side).

Aristo The new Aristo hotel is unfortunately not the same as the good old Aristo but it does have reasonable food and the roof top terrace is always nice in the evenings. Situated on Nehru St., between Gandhi and Mission St.

La Terrace A nice restaurant that has good pizzas and western food. Drive along the beach road to the end, and you will find it just after the curve on the left hand side.

Ajantha This restaurant has a nice breezy bar terrace right on the beach. Unfortunately the upstairs terrace is usually dominated by drinkers but it's still a nice place to have dinner. Drive up the beach road and you will see it near the end on the right hand side.

Hot And Cold This is more a bar than a restaurant. The upstairs terrace serves draft beer and does have a variety of food as well. Located near Anandha Inn, on West Boulevard.

Expensive Restaurants

Rendez - Vous

Le Tucan (know as "Le Tirou" )

Annamalai This hotel/restaurant is located on the Jipmer road far down from Nehru St. and corner of West Blvd. (approx 1.4 km). The restaurant has a somewhat kitchy feel to it but the buffet lunches on Sunday are pretty good.

Anandha Inn The Anandha Inn is located near the entrance to Pondy, on West Blvd. It has an A/C restaurant and a recently added poolside restaurant with a very nice ambiance. Food is pricey but good.

Satsanga This restaurant has a french touch to it and is a nice place to have dinner, with candlelit tables in a courtyard. One of the only places in Pondy to get a good steak.

The Promenade The Promenade is situated right on the beach and has 3 different areas: an indoor A/C restaurant, a bar terrace and an upstairs barbecue restaurant. They have nice buffet lunches and dinner on weekends for Rs. 285 plus taxes.

Duplex Located behind the park, this little hotel/restaurant has a nice quiet ambiance. Food is expensive but good.