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(Medhananda:) “When one knows who one really is, where one comes from, one generally goes away. At least this was true until Sri Aurobindo came.”[1]

(Sri Aurobindo:) “From our ascending point of view we may say that the Real is behind all that exists; it expresses itself intermediately in an Ideal which is a harmonised truth of itself; the Ideal throws out a phenomenal reality of variable conscious-being which, inevitably drawn towards its own essential Reality, tries at last to recover it entirely whether by a violent leap or normally through the Ideal which put it forth. It is this that explains the imperfect reality of human existence as seen by the Mind, the instinctive aspiration in the mental being towards a perfectibility ever beyond itself, towards the concealed harmony of the Ideal, and the supreme surge of the spirit beyond the ideal to the transcendental. The very facts of our consciousness, its constitution and its necessity presuppose such a triple order; they negate the dual and irreconcilable antithesis of a mere Absolute to a mere relativity”[2]

“I know that all here is unreal. The Mother alone is real.

(Sri Aurobindo:) It is the higher reality that the Mother brings into the world — without it all else is ignorant and false.”[3]

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