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“To be pure is to be open only to the Supreme’s influence and to no other.”[1]

“When the psychic being comes to the surface it feels sad if it sees that the mental or the vital being is making a fool of itself. That sadness is purity offended.
         When the mind is playing its own game, or when the vital being is carried away by its impulses, it is the psychic being which says, “I don’t want these things.” “What am I here for after all?” “I am here for the Truth; I am not here for these things.” ”[2]

(Medhananda:) “Today as I was working, I don't know how, I lost her. I felt uneasy and went out into the forest to look for her. I saw her hidden in the trees, the rocks, everywhere – except in myself. I called her sacred name, and she did not reply. I felt sad and called for a long time. I wanted to return, frustrated. Then suddenly She laughed her mocking laughter, “Little calf calling his mother, ‘maa!’ And doesn't see his mother is behind him! Do you still need to call me? Don't you know that I am always with you, in you, all around you? Just open your eyes! Listen! Christ has told you, knock and it shall be opened to you. I tell you: don't knock, don't call, your mother's house is always open to you.” But Mother, I am so afraid of losing you! “It's because of that fear that you stop feeling me within you.”[3]

(Medhananda:) “The Mother will only enter a pure heart, a heart pure of every desire, a heart pure of every sadness, a heart emptied of all egoism, a heart that has forgotten itself, a heart that is a pure mirror, giving pure reflections. The Mother wishes to inhabit this heart, because through it she observes her maya, her play. There she can see the beauty of her roses, hear the music of her creatures, feel the effect of divine love.”[4]

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