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“I used to correspond with them [Max Théon and Alma Théon]. I had not yet met them at all. And then, one day, she sent me in a letter petals of the pomegranate flower, “Divine’s Love”. At that time I had not given the meaning to the flower. She sent me petals of pomegranate flowers telling me that these petals were bringing me her protection and force.”[1]

An Old Chaldean Legend
Message for the 1955 Kali Puja

“Long, long ago, in the dry land which is now Arabia, a divine being incarnated upon earth to awaken in it the supreme love. As expected it was persecuted by men, misunderstood, suspected, pursued. Mortally wounded by its assailants, it wanted to die quietly in solitude in order to be able to accomplish its work, and being pursued, it ran away. Suddenly, in the vast desert land there appeared a small pomegranate bush. The saviour crept in under the low branches, to leave its body in peace; and immediately the bush spread out miraculously, it grew higher, larger, became deep and thick, so that when the pursuers passed by, they did not even suspect that the One whom they were chasing was hidden there, and they went their way.
         While drop by drop the sacred blood fell, fertilising the soil, the bush was covered with marvellous flowers, scarlet, large, crowded with petals... innumerable drops of blood. These are the flowers which express and contain for us the Divine’s Love.”[2]

Mother, who was this man you have spoken about?

Who told you that it was a man?
I haven’t said whether it was a man or a woman. I took care to put only “a divine being”.


It is a prehistoric story, so you cannot find any information about it. It isn’t written anywhere. There are no written documents.
         Haven’t you any questions to ask on what we read today?”[3]

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