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There are a variety of accomodation options available at Auroville. From very basic and good standard accomodation is available.Here are some options. For further details, contact the units.

Cheaper Options

Work and stay at nominal charge


Village houses

If one is on a small budget, it is possible to find cheap accomodation in surrouding villages. Volunteers should do this at their own risk as Auroville does not have any control over what goes on in the villages.

House sitting

One can always house sit one of the Auroville houses. Usually it is free or has a nominal charge. One has to look after the house and usually pets while housesitting. It is more difficult find something during peak season.

Auroville Guest Houses

There are a number of guest houses in Auroville to suite all budgets. Please check Auroville website for more details.