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Facilities and Infrastructure

The Youth Centre, also known as Peaceful City, is located within the city area adjacent to Mahakali Park comprising many indigenous Tropical Dry Evergreen Forest species. The Youth Centre has grown organically over the last twelve years, establishing itself through the goodwill, energy and dynamism of the participating youth themselves and the elder volunteers who have helped them. Today the running expenses of the Youth Centre are supported by an Auroville business unit and the collective central fund. The Youth Centre has its own infrastructure with connections for electricity, telephone and water; with a 160 meter deep well and 7,500 litre water tank. It has a central kitchen with a fire wood oven baking facility, bathroom facilities, a variety of living spaces, a central common space/recreational area, a 16 meter diameter plaza with a tent for community events and a workshop/storeroom with tools, for mechanics, carpentry, welding, metal work, masonry, gardening and forestry.

An Essential Community Role

Peaceful City/Youth Centre provides an essential role for the community of Auroville. It is:

- a place where youth of all ages and backgrounds can collectively and constructively come together to relax, work, learn and play in a safe and nature oriented environment away from the constraints of family, school and structured society in general.

- a focus and coordination point for interaction and communication between youth in Auroville and youth from other parts of the world.

- a forum for social gatherings and communications; a place where fairs, plays, concerts, youth exchanges and meetings take place.

- a vocational training centre where young people can learn practical life skills through participating in the evolution and maintenance of the buildings and land, empowering them to play an active role in the future of Auroville.

- a terrain where young and old alike can meet to work for common projects which will improve the relationship between youth and the adult population of Auroville.

- a place where youth who are travelling, temporarily displaced or having problems with their present housing situation may seek short term shelter free of charge.

- an opportunity for youth to begin learning about their own responsibilities in a community context; a chance for them to learn about discipline and self-motivation.

- a learning centre for youth to focus on the raison d’etre of Auroville and their own aspirations and service to the community.

- an unending education for community building, leadership training, practical life skills and sustainable ways of living.

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