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A Talk by Pavitra
To the students and teachers at the Ashram school, 8 August 1964

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“I had explained to him my desire for liberation, I had told him that that is what I was seeking – not so much liberation from rebirth as liberation... liberation from myself, from the ego, from ignorance and sin, from falsehood, from all that makes up the ordinary human life. Liberation, Moksha, that was my ideal. I didn't place it in some other heaven, I didn't particularly want to avoid suffering – it was the weight of ignorance, of falsehood, of ugliness, all that. And more than avoiding something, I was looking for something positive. I was looking for light – not so much the avoidance of suffering, the end of suffering nor the end of falsehood, but Light, Knowledge, Truth.”

“A Talk by Pavitra”
Conversations with Sri Aurobindo, p.13

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