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November 5, 1961

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“Well, my relationship with Richard was on an occult plane, you see, and it's difficult to touch upon. What happened was far more exciting than any novel imaginable.”[1]

“Anyway, when I met him I knew who he was and I decided to convert him — the whole story revolves around that.”[2]

“The first issue [of the Arya] began with ‘The Wherefore of the Worlds’ (the English following the French), and in it Richard attributed the origin of the world to Desire. They were in perpetual disagreement on this subject, Richard saying, “It is Desire,” and Sri Aurobindo, “The initial force of the Manifestation is Joy.” Then Richard would say, “God DESIRED to know Himself,” and Sri Aurobindo, “No, God had the joy of knowing Himself.” And it went on and on like that!”[3]

“All this is playing with words, you understand, but it turns out that in one case the world is reprehensible and in the other it is adorable! And that makes all the difference.”[4]

(Automatic writing by Sri Aurobindo, name noted in margin by the Mother, c.1920:)
         To define your case is difficult. A Deva above, a strong Jnana Deva able to communicate with the higher planes, an Asura below representing the development of many lives, a Rakshasa force behind constantly weakened and fading, but not yet cast away by the drawing up of the vital being by the others, also several other minor deva kinds in the psychic being, that is the best I can manage.”[5]

The Lord of the Nations
by Paul Richard

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“Nirodbaran: It [the Being behind Hitler] doesn't believe in any descent of the Divine?

Sri Aurobindo: It believes in its own descent and is too self-confident about it.

Nirodbaran: But surely it knows that the work here is against its own interests?

Sri Aurobindo (laughing): Of course.

Purani: Is it only one Being or a troop?

There are more than one, but this is a very powerful Being. Have you read Paul Richard's Lord of the Nations?

Purani: No.

I believe it was not published. He was in communion with this Being and the plans and methods he has written of in the book are the same as those carried out now. He said there that the present civilisation was to be destroyed, but really it is the destruction of the whole human civilisation that is aimed at, and already in Germany Hitler has done it: there is no civilisation left there. What reigns there is barbarism supported by science — science meaning physical science. And Hitler has destroyed human civilisation wherever he has gone — as in Poland.

Purani: Christianity and all religion seem to be his targets.

Yes. What he may want is Ludendorf's religion — the Norse religion of a primitive type where primitive instincts are worshipped.

Purani: Do these Beings recognise that there are higher divine powers?

It depends on the type of Being. For example, some know that there are Gods but they won't admit that they are greater than themselves.”[6]

Extract from Government of India, Home Political-B Proceedings, February 1915


7. Pondicherry affairs. — Paul Richard, to whose association with Arabindo Ghose I have referred in previous reports, has been ordered by the French Government to leave Pondicherry and return to France to serve as a reservist. The real reason of the order is that he has made himself obnoxious to the Governor by his association with political refugees and his anti-British intrigues.
         Paul Richard, accompanied by his wife, arrived in Pondicherry from Paris in March last. They held a written commission from Abdul Baha to preach Bahaism, but have shown little or no zeal in this matter. They are also reported to have brought letters of introduction from Shyamaji Krishna Varma to Arabindo Ghose and V.V.S. Aiyar. Paul Richard’s main object in coming to Pondicherry was to stand for election as Deputy. He enlisted all the extremists on his side and canvassed Pondicherry and Karaikal vigorously with their assistance. His election speeches were socialistic and violently anti-British; but he gained very little support, getting only some 300 votes out of total of 50,000 at the elections in May last. He tried to get the elections upset by bringing charges of corruption against the Governor. During his stay in Pondicherry he has been in daily association with members of the extremist party, in particular with Arabindo Ghose, with whom he collaborated in the production of the Arya. He put forward schemes for starting societies among young Hindus, but nothing even came of these projects, although the formation of a society called L’Idée Nouvelle was actually sanctioned by the French Government in June 1914.”[7]

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