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Early study 1 by the Mother 1895.jpg           Early study 2 by the Mother 1895.jpg           Early study 3 by the Mother 1895.jpg

(Champaklal:) “After Mother left Library House and I moved into her room, I found three of her old study-portraits done in oil when she was in France, lying in a corner unattended.

After some time, I asked Mother:

“Can I hang the study-portraits which you left behind on the wall of my room?”

Normally I never interfered in the arrangements made by the Mother but in this case I felt that they should be cared for.

Mother: “No, they are not good enough for that.”

But when I persisted she reluctantly permitted me to hang them on the wall of my room. One of them [the first] has been reproduced here [in the book]. They are still in my room which is now occupied by Motiben.”[1]

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