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“Nirodbaran: Was Oscar Wilde a friend of your brother [Manmohan]?

Sri Aurobindo: Yes. He used to visit him every evening and Wilde described him in his Wildish way as “a young Indian panther in evening brown”. Wilde was as brilliant in conversation as in writing. Once some of his friends came to see him and asked how he had passed the morning. He said he had been to the zoo and gave a wonderful description of it, making a striking word-picture of every animal. Mrs. Wilde, who was all the time sitting in a comer, put in a small voice, “But, Oscar, how could you say that? You were with me all morning.” Wilde replied, “But, my dear, one has to be imaginative sometimes.” (Laughter)[1]

  1. Talks with Sri Aurobindo, p.98, 3 January 1939