Nurturing the psychic being: some classroom practices

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Nurturing the psychic being: some classroom practices
Adapted from Nurturing the Psychic Being: Notes of a discussion between Auroville teachers

  • Events or activities out of the regular program can evoke a sense of wonder in the children. An example cited was the coming to the school of a dragon – this event excites the children's sense of wonder and fantasy. Fairy tales or stories of heroic deeds also catch the children's sense of wonder.
  • Teachers need to be aware that children are more influenced by what they are than by what they teach. Teachers in a state of aspiration and of progress in themselves will inspire those qualities in the children. What each teacher brings to the children is unique and should be valued over and above the 'curriculum'.
  • In young children, the psychic being is generally closer to the physical than the mental part of being. The psychic can be touched through physical activities like crafts, painting, singing, and dance. All of these are enjoyable and evoke happiness in the children.
  • A regular practice of quieting the mind and touching/opening the heart consciousness creates a habit of inner movement in the children. In some Auroville schools this is done every day, before the regular class program.
  • The atmosphere of the school should have a sense of freedom. Linked to this sense of freedom is the necessity for a two-way dialogue with children – there should not be a feeling that the teacher is superior or is supposed to tell what is to be done. Better to evoke what is to be done from the child himself.
  • A teacher should concentrate on the positive qualities in a child, and in any dialogue keep an open mind and not be judgmental. This attitude is one of love; the psychic in a child is naturally nurtured by love.
  • Visits can be made to places that evoke in the children a sense of awe, of something that is special or sacred. Examples from Auroville include the Matrimandir and the Samadhi.
  • Collecting flowers from bushes, making flower arrangements on the floor, or playing any other game with them brings the children into the atmosphere of flowers; this can help children develop psychic sensitivity.
  • The school should always be in a state of cleanliness, neatness and beauty.