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“Some people wanted to get me nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize; I was asked for a statement and that's what I wrote.

[“I am only realizing what He has conceived. I am only the protagonist and the continuator of His work.”]

I wanted to say that it wasn't this person who did things – it was all Sri Aurobindo.

They had wanted to give the Nobel prize to Sri Aurobindo, but he left the year before the decision was to be made. And as they don't give the prize to ‘dead’ people, he never got it. Then they wanted to transfer it to me, and I wrote this note, because the last thing I want is name and fame. That's all there was to it. They didn't give a peace prize that year. [they did.]

I believe the whole affair is now buried and forgotten.”[1]

  1. Mother's Agenda, 15 May 1962

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