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11 February 2017

The Hirudotherapy

“Old medicine is news; the European medicinal leech, Hirudo medicinales, an invertebrate 3 mm long in adulthood, was considerate indispensable in the 19th century. It was used in bloodletting and helping alleviate certain conditions. The leech is now making a comeback.” (The Hindu, January 1st 2017, p.10)

We have in Auroville a lot of mosquitoes but no leech. Near Kodaikanal around our camp the situation is opposite: no mosquitoes but the leeches are very common. Especially numerous leeches were present in 2015. It was a rainy year: in Auroville there were 2161 mm of rain, but in 2016 only 590 mm (average is 1250). Usually our kids meet leeches while trekking but one year we had a lot of these creatures in the camp. It was the first year for our camp near Kavunji village and the tents were near a rivulet. The farmers opened a dam and our camp was flooded. Many leeches were found in the tents. The kids received great pleasure in their hunting.

If a mosquito bites us, we feel pain and irritation. But the Lord gave to leech a special capacity. They make wounds in a human body without pain for the victim, and the blood in the wound does not coagulate – it bleeds non-stop. The leeches are miraculous creatures of evolution. Usually the kids are afraid of them but maybe these lovers of human blood give health to their victims. I think that kids when trekking around the camp could collect these invertebrates for a special therapy in Auroville.

There is an awful mosquito Aedes aegipti – it can give different diseases: chicungunya, dengue, malaria etc. But we have no such information about leeches. Albert Einstein wrote to his daughter: “This universal force is love, love is God and God is love”. Evidently the leeches are our friends; the divine love is in them.