News & Notes 844:Outcome of the selection process of interim members for the Interface Team of TDC

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14 November 2020

Outcome of the selection process of interim members for the Interface Team of TDC

As a response to our announcement for selection of interim members for the Interface Team of TDC, the Residents' Assembly Service received about 125 nominations, out of which 14 agreed to serve if selected. Two of them withdrew their nominations and the remaining were invited for individual interviews/conversations that were attended by all the Working Committee members and two members from the community at large, Cristo and Prashant, who were invited for their experience in planning and development. A member of RAS attended all the meetings as an observer.

The interviews took place on 3rd and 5th November and were primarily focused on the personal motivation to join the Interface Team of TDC, understanding of the key elements of the galaxy as approved by the RA, and the skills and qualities that could be contributed to the team. After the interviews were over, there was a brief discussion about the qualities and capacities to be considered, and then each Working Committee member and each of the two members of the community at large were given a printed spreadsheet on which they made individual assessments and gave ratings to each of the candidates Three candidates, Anbu, Lakshay and Toby, got a clear consensus with each receiving at least 2/3 of the possible maximum score. Therefore, they have been invited to join the TDC Interface team after agreeing to participate in a facilitated team building program and a facilitated exercise to elaborate a six months plan of action; these 2 programs/exercises would include the 2 existing Interface Team members. The other candidates, even if they could not achieve a common consensus in the room, showed good motivation or technical capacity so their names have been shared with the new TDC Interface Team for any need of resource persons.

We would like to reiterate that this is a first step in a transitional period at the end of which we hope that the community will have agreed on a new selection process for regular membership, and that this period could be used to make a suitable assessment of Auroville's planning needs and organization and to find a way to improve its development system. For this reason, the Working Committee has proposed that an independent professional agency, such as that of Dr Doshi, can make an evaluation of the planning & development situation of Auroville and suggest a way forward.

The Working Committee would like to thank the Residents' Assembly Service for the support given and Cristo and Prashant for bringing their valuable time, energy and experience in planning and development matters to this process. We also thank all those who responded to the call to serve, and thank the community for its support.

~ The Working Committee