News & Notes 836:Manifesting Auroville – Conversations with Doshi

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19 September 2020

Manifesting Auroville – Conversations with Doshi

Many interesting questions were raised in last week's (5th Sept) conversation between Dr B.V. Doshi (first chair of Auroville's TDC), Toine van Megan and Sreevatsa Ramesh (current Interface Team member for L'avenir d'Auroville/TDC) which was hosted by Auroville City Conversations. The questions discussed included:

  • How the notion of Galaxy can manifest in reality
  • Whether there is space in the Galaxy plan for all perspectives,
  • What is needed to move us forward, and
  • the need to shift the discussions around town planning from the small details to the big picture.

Last weeks' conversation can be viewed here -

On the 12th, City Converations continued this discussion with Dr. B.V. Doshi, Toine van Megan, Sreevatsa Ramesh, Omar Rabie and Andrea Cammarata. It will explore Auroville's landing pad and questions of: How to move from the vision to a physical grounding and make them work together? How will the physical implementation help the notional elements to be realized? What are the progressive landing pads and landing steps needed for the Galaxy to manifest?

We look forward to further conversations with B.V. Doshi on these topics in the coming weeks, In the meantime we would welcome your thoughts on how we as a community can discuss these questions together.

L'avenir d'Auroville (Saravanan and Sreevatsa)