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18 July 2020

Update from L’Avenir/TDC


As you are aware L’Avenir d’Auroville/ TDC has been running below capacity for the past year, with only two Interface Team members since February. We are also facing significant funding uncertainties. There are currently no funds available to support the work of the office. Whilst these factors have limited some of our functions (notably on building application approvals – see 77845 77845) we continue to process building applications that were received before end of January 2020. In addition, our Technical Teams have been progressing work previously agreed by the TDC team.

Work has been undertaken on areas including planning guidelines, development priorities, land use mapping, streamlining of application processes and standards, surface water management studies, policy development, regional planning etc. Details will be provided in our upcoming Annual Report.


The Working Committee and Auroville Council are working to finalise the Selection Process for new Interface Team members. It is anticipated this process will combine elements from the Standing Order issued by the Auroville Foundation with the community approved mandate for TDC. We hope to have new members in place soon.

We have identified several areas that need to be urgently addressed to underpin TDC’s strategic work to develop Auroville. These are:

  • Formalizing TDC’s statutory status
  • Understanding strategic value of lands required for Auroville’s development
  • Establishing remaining TDC Technical Teams
  • Water – in both the Masterplan area and Bioregion

It is also critical that a way is found to finance the work of the TDC, both in terms of financial support for staff and funds to undertake technical studies etc.


Our team is keen to improve our communications with the community to enable transparent information sharing, ensure that everyone has a chance to participate in decisions which impact them and hopefully inspire, encourage and enable responsible development. We had planned a series of community meetings to present our work and explore the priorities, but as this is not possible under lockdown we will instead provide a series of weekly updates through Auronet and News and Notes. These will begin with our Annual Report, which will outline the work undertaken by the TDC team over the past year and TDC finances. Subsequent posts will provide more detail on our priorities, work that has been completed and projects currently underway. We will also include any updates on TDC functioning. We are also exploring how we can communicate better going forward. If you have any thoughts on this – or would like support this process – then please email communication-avenir (at)

Saravanan and Sreevatsa for L’avenir d’Auroville