News & Notes 779:Appeal Process and timeframes reminder for the community

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779 icon.jpg   News & Notes 779
31 December 2018

Appeal Process and timeframes reminder for the community

Dear Community,

The Auroville Council would like to remind you that the Auroville Appeal Process applies to decisions made by the Working Committee, Auroville Council, FAMC and l'Avenir (TDC).

Please be aware of the timeframes:

  • the appeal request needs to be submitted within one month from the communication of the decision for appeal on decisions of Working Committee, Auroville Council and FAMC,
  • the appeal requests on decisions taken by the TDC / L’avenir are appealable within fifteen days from the communication of TDC's decision.

The Auroville Council invites you to read the whole process to be better informed of its details (see this link [...]).

Auroville Council