News & Notes 770:Addressing Community Conflicts

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29 October 2018

Addressing Community Conflicts

Dear Community Friends,
in recent times the Auroville Council has become increasingly aware of behaviour amongst some of our community members which is giving considerable concern. This has come to our attention through conflicts which we have been asked to address, in personal interaction with community members, through postings on Auronet and via emails addressed to the Council. The main issues of concern are:

  1. Violence: physical, emotional, psychological.
  2. Threats of violence and threats against the livelihoods of fellow Aurovilians –including threats to ensure the cancellation of someone's visa – which cause fear and insecurity.
  3. Approaching external authorities (police, the courts, or government bodies) to solve internal issues among community members, without first consulting with the Working Committee / Auroville Council.
  4. Unacceptable postings on Auronet causing severe distress amongst community members.

We would like to remind our fellow Aurovilians that we are all brothers and sisters aspiring towards true fraternity. We aspire to transcend our nationalities and our habits and customs of the past, seeking human unity as our aim.

However, we are all as yet struggling to meet these goals, and with that in mind, Auroville has developed its own system of conflict resolution, as yet imperfect, but always improving, and attempting to resolve our conflicts with fairness, care and compassion. We are all asked when we join Auroville to commit to first try and resolve our conflicts by Auroville’s internal means as defined in our Conflict Resolution Policy. This policy outlines a number of possible routes to help us, and we are asked to follow these before directly and individually resorting to approaching outside authorities. The Auroville Council, Koodam and Restorative Circles are all available to help us along these paths. In the case where it becomes necessary to approach outside authorities, then this should be done via the Working Committee.

The Auroville Council is always very pleased to guide anyone in conflict on the best path forward for them. Please write to us and we will always be happy to meet and to listen to our brothers and sisters, and try our best to help.

With love,
Auroville Council