News & Notes 768:L'Avenir d'Auroville: Update on DDP

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15 October 2018

L'Avenir d'Auroville: Update on DDP

Dear Community, we, the present L’avenir d’Auroville who is selected as an interface group, are meant to integrate the community’s inputs and with the help of enabled consultants to undertake the task of preparing the Detail Development Plan (DDP) for Auroville.

What is a DDP? The DDP is a techno-legal document with the proposals for development of Auroville to fulfil its aims and universal values; that will include the land use plan, mobility, education, culture, housing and other infrastructure; industry and economy, management of water resources, food production, environmental rehabilitation and conservation. It also contains the resource mobilization plan with particular reference to finance, land, and manpower. It provides an efficient system of monitoring and review using a Terms of Reference which acts as a guiding principal.

What is the process to prepare a DDP? Envisioning programs and projects that will further the aims of Auroville, as an international city in making, an experiment in material and spiritual as embodied in the Auroville Charter.

To prepare a DDP, one of the important aspect is identifying the development priorities. The development priorities have to be identified, segregated by sectors of development and analysed to be able to undertake future projections for annual budget planning to respond to the felt needs of all sections of the community, with programs and projects that permit equitable sharing of benefits from development with efficient utilization of resources.

How will these priorities be identified? The priorities will emerge from the consultations with the working groups and individuals who have been promoting, supporting, undertaking and impacting the development of Auroville over the last decade or so, along with data collection and analysis of projects, programs, activities in areas like infrastructure, housing, education, health and social amenities, economic and environmental work.

How will the residents of Auroville be informed and consulted during this process? The working groups, units and individuals who will be part of the consultation process are encouraged to involve and share within their area of work. With the help of the RAS and AV council, GMs will present the work to get inputs and feedback. The reports will be published in the AV News & Notes and Auronet.

L’avenir d’Auroville Team