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8 October 2018

Daniel Humbert-Droz

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On Wednesday 26 September our brother and friend Daniel Humbert-Droz passed away in his house in Sharnga at the age of 74 in the presence of his partner Komala and friends.

Daniel, a Swiss national, started coming to Auroville in 2000 and officially joined a few years later. Being an accomplished carpenter and handyman, many of us will remember and miss him from his reliable and considerable participation at events at the Matrimandir amphitheatre, various schools, Santé services and wherever else he could help out. Friends describe him as a quiet, humble man, dedicated to Auroville’s wellbeing and loyal to his commitments.

This last year Daniel’s health started failing and he was several times hospitalised. Having recently spent two months in the intensive care of EastCoast Hospital, he became tired of it all and asked to be taken home to Sharnga, where he gently passed away two hours after arrival.

Daniel’s remains were taken to the Farewell Crown Road centre and were cremated in the afternoon of Friday 28th at the Auroville burial & cremation grounds in Adventure.

With our warmest condolences for Komala, we thank and salute a good friend.