News & Notes 762:AV Council Report of May June July 2018

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762 icon.jpg   News & Notes 762
3 September 2018

AV Council Report of May June July 2018


The Council continued working during the summer even though there were very few members present. Now that the team is regaining full membership we are back on our working rhythm and some of the larger topics are being taken up again.


  • Matrimandir: A member of the AV Council has been following the call for designs of the ‘Garden of the Unexpected’ (GoU) as part of the GoU Observing Committee.
  • Land Board selection process: The Land Board Selection Committee was constituted and the committee selected the following members for the Land Board from the list of eligible candidates provided by the Temporary Feedback Review Committee (TFRC): Andy, Banumathi, Helena, Padmanaban and Yuval. Sukrit and Kanniappan were continuing members.
However, following the recent land purchase issue, three members (Andy, Sukrit and Kanniappan) who were part of the previous group have stepped down.
The resignation of three members has resulted in the present team selecting resource persons as an additional support to the Land Board work. The present LB team is now taking the help of the following resource persons: Deoyani, Fabian, Judith, Jurgen (Palmyra) and Peter CS.


  • AV Council mandate: As community feedback was received that the AV Council was not the right party to hold the process for reviewing its own mandate, we have handed the process over to the Working Committee, along with our own suggestions for revision.
  • BCC mandate: After final inputs from the BCC and FAMC, the revised BCC mandate was finalized and published to the community.
  • Entry Policy: Subgroup members from the AV Council and the Working Committee are looking together with the Entry Board team into suggested amendments to the Entry Policy. A comprehensive process will be pursued in reviewing the policy after its initial year.
  • Green Group mandate: Work on the mandate is pending. The FAMC has given its input and detailed input from L’avenir is still awaited.
  • Participatory Working Group (PWG) amendments: Suggested amendments to the PWG document and selection process was put on hold, due to strong dissent voiced by members of the ‘Tamil Forum’ during the public review session.
  • Individuals declared non-eligible to participate in selection processes: The Council, Wcom and RAS are in the process of defining a framework to address the concerns of individuals who have been previously declared non-eligible according to the Participatory Working Group guidelines, such that they could be again eligible. Work is nearing completion, and a new process will be put to the community for ratification soon.


  • Conflict Resolution Policy: Review of the policy continued during the last few months and is expected to be complete soon.
  • The Appeal Process is also under review after 1 year of application.
  • Nandini Service conflict: The conflict is being looked at by the Service Trust trustees and a report is awaited from them.
  • Windarra arbitration: The next step of allocation of stewardships for the 2 farms rests with the FAMC and the Farm Group. An appeal for funds for a water storage tank for Back to Basics was called and inputs from Farm group are awaited to materialize the water tank.
  • Aspiration sports ground arbitration: The Implementation and monitoring process has come to a close.
  • Ganesh arbitration: The implementation process has come to a close. The wall between the house and the hut has been built according to the arbitration decision and the hut is still under renovation.
  • Selvi / Kumar Nickadas arbitration: The arbitration process was put on hold during the summer months as many arbiters were out of station. Arbiters have now been identified by both parties and the arbitration process will soon begin.
  • Appeal of FAMC decision re: Pour Tous Purchasing Service (PTPS): PTPS executives approached the AV Council to register an appeal against an FAMC decision re: PTPS. A revision of the decision by the FAMC made the appeal unnecessary and the request was withdrawn by the executives.
  • Sanjana conflict: Conflict between the Sanjana project management team and the architect is awaiting results of a completion survey of the project by L’avenir. Next steps can be taken as soon as the results of the analysis are in hand.


  • Visit to Infinity farm and forest: Members from the Council visited Infinity and recommended a maintenance for this project to BCC.
  • Stray Dogs: The many complaints regarding disturbance from stray dogs and the alarming increase of stray dogs led to the formation of a pilot project “Help Animals” for 3 months and a larger support group collaborating to look at this issue by the Council. The Help Animals project with Dr Kumar and Mirani have neutered and vaccinated (against Rabies) 7 dogs and 2 cats so far. The lack of a safe hygienic place to conduct the operations has hindered the pace of the work. Due to the lack of space, confining of the animals for a short period and consequently quick recovery of the animals did not happen as a lot of time was spent tracking and caring for them. All animals operated have now healed. The team have also surveyed different areas in Auroville and compiled a list of free ranging dogs to sterilize. You may find Dr Kumar and Mirani feeding the dogs in your community to gain the trust of the dogs. The Council does not endorse displacing or euthanizing stray dogs. It is also against the laws of India.

The “Help Animals” group would like to create a Database of pets in Auroville and an online survey to collect information will be sent out this month. Please send an email to helpanimals (at) if you need help in neutering the dogs and cats in your area.

  • Youth Hive: The AV Council and the Working Committee are planning to hold a learning session on the processes which have happened in regards to the first site allocated to the Hive Project (Pumphouse) and which didn’t succeed to bring the parties involved to a common understanding and agreement. This is in process.
  • Human Resources: The AV Council proposal to expand the scope of HRT work did not receive much positive feedback from the concerned groups. As there is still a real need to develop more attention and resources to developing our human resources, the Council subgroup has been reviewing different options for taking this forward without reference to the present HRT work.
  • Growing Auroville’s Economy Sustainably (GAES) initiative: A member of the AVC is participating and collaborating with the FAMC and the coordinator/ facilitators on this initiative.
  • Space allocation in the Town Hall complex: A subgroup of the FAMC and the AV Council has taken on internal consultants (Vikram, Suhasini) to review the space allocation in the Town Hall complex so as to optimize the space being used by the various groups. A first meeting with all stakeholders has been called. Work is ongoing.

The Auroville Council (Angelo, Elisa, Enrica, Martin, Matriprasad, Mita, Sandyra, Selvaraj and Shivaya – Secretary: Sathiya)