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27 August 2018

Nergez proceeds


In the morning of 22 August, our second-oldest Aurovilian and dear sister Nergez (Homi Pesikaka) passed away in her Creativity flat at the age of 97. Paula of AV Health Services, who had been a steady presence at her side, witnessed the peaceful transition.

Hailing from Mumbai, Nergez had the privilege to enjoy a darshan of the Mother in 1972 which touched her deeply. At the time, she also participated in the laying of the Foundation Stone at Matrimandir that turned out to be the beginning of her long connection with the Matrimandir. Yearly visiting Auroville after that, she joined for good in 1977, starting out in Utility. Having been one of Iyengar’s first students, she came as a qualified hatha yoga teacher, but her main love and concern has always remained Matrimandir. Throughout her life she also worked at AVAG, HERS, the Archives, Entry group, Housing, always returning to Matrimandir where she also gave information to visitors. With her frank humour and impish personality, she was a welcome presence in meetings and her places of work. In later years Nergez has resided in Certitude, Samasti and then Creativity. While always considering herself a ‘Mother’s child’, Nergez also remained attentive to her Parsi upbringing, freely sharing with friends and colleagues her understanding and ways, and fabulous Parsi cookies…

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Some 4, 5 years ago, Nergez withdrew more or less from the public eye, staying quietly in her flat, receiving only closest friends, and family members from Mumbai. She finally became bedridden, silently fading away with oftentimes an ever so sweet smile lightening her face.

Nergez’s body remained in her Creativity flat, where friends could bid her a last farewell. As per her wishes, her remains were buried in Auroville’s Adventure burial grounds in the afternoon of 23 August. Our warmest condolences go out to her family and to Adil, who was one of Nergez’s closest friends.

Thank you, Nergez, for your brave and dignified stance in life which made you a role model for many. May you be in the Light.

Jay MA~

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