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6 August 2018

The Joy of Starwatching

“No paradise is complete without its snake” (Edith Hawie)

Auroville in 2018 is a green paradise with a great biodiversity, includes innumerous snakes. These reptiles are mostly harmless for people, but some of them are poisonous. Above the city there is a celestial paradise with a snake (serpens in Latin) in it – this constellation is situated in the Milky Way near the scorpion (“scorpio”). After the Auroville inauguration in 1968 for some years we didn’t have electricity in our city and only few trees’ crowns prevented to receive the joy of starwatching. It was exactly like in the Egyptian city Akhetaton (“dedicated to sun”) in 1369 BC.

Once in Aspiration Guest House lived a girl from Japan. She learned in Tokyo University, Art Department, and arrived in India for a study of the ancient sculptures. I asked her: “Do you want to see the night sky through telescope?” She agreed and we used our bicycles to reach Aurelec. In that time Igor Zenkin, Russian, used a telescope in the night time. We got on the roof of a building and saw through the telescope Saturn’s rings, Jupiter’s planets etc. But after some time I understood that for the Japanese girl what was more attractive was not the telescope but the view of the all starry sky. She explained: “My home is near Osaka; I often saw the starry sky in that place. But in Tokyo there is too much electricity and very big buildings – not good conditions for good starwatching”.

The electricity is a kind of pollution which is bad for the health of human beings and for environment. The Lord created two different categories of all living essences: diurnal and nocturnal ones. The people are diurnal beings – it means, for them the day activity is more natural. But the electricity helps them to do also artificial night activity. Hélas! They almost forgot about stars. In 1369 BC the residents of Akhetaton city in the Egypt were happy to know nothing about electricity, motorbikes, plastics, computers, cellphones… The contemporary way of mankind is wrong without doubt, the planet is made sick by its people. If human beings used Milky Way as their guide, they would reach much better result. The celestial snake and scorpion are not poisonous – but the industrial pollution is.