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23 July 2018

General Meeting of the Working Committee - an update

Dear community,

The Working Committee (WCom) held a General Meeting (GM) on Thursday, 12th July, to update the community on seven main topics it has been dealing with over the past few months. Refer to announcement in the N&N 2nd July 2018 [753].

This GM was attended by over 150 residents, and besides an update on recent visa issues the other two main topics that were covered were the proposed highway through the Auroville area and the recent disputed land purchase.


The WCom and other working group members along with residents who expressed an interest during the GM, have constituted a Highway Taskforce group, which has already had its first meeting on the afternoon of Saturday, 14th July. The group consists of Bertrand, Cristo, Francois G, Gilles B, Glenn, Govind, Jayavel, Lalit, Lata, Mahalingam, Mita, Navroz, Paul Vincent, Paul, Philippe, Prashant, Renu, Robert H, Selvaraj D, Tine, Toby. The group is working on a fast-track multi-level approach to preserve the entire Auroville geological area, which extends beyond the Master Plan. The proposed highway would jeopardise this entire area and this group is therefore working to propose viable alternatives.

Disputed land purchase:

The WCom is once more meeting the Land Board members that were involved in the land purchase and has asked for an official explanation as to how this could have happened, while the criminal and civil proceedings are taking their course. Our focus remains strongly on acquiring the land and on learning how to strengthen our processes.

The Working Committee would like to thank everyone for stepping forward to speak up, clarify, and / or support us in the way forward of these two most pressing matters of the hour.

For details on the GM, kindly tune in to the radio recording (

Your Working Committee