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16 July 2018



We have been informed that Subir (Olivier Caracostea), one of our pioneers and characteristic figures from the early days, passed away on 30 April of this year in Orleans (France), due to lung cancer. He was 68.

Subir came to Auroville in 1971, and worked among other places at Matrimandir till '75. From 1981 to 1989 he lived in Fraternity and was the giant friendly figure of the Boutique d’Auroville in Pondy, speaking various Indian languages. During that time, he married Neeta from Mumbai; in 1989 the couple left Auroville for Lucknow where he worked with Mira Aditi and opened a boutique. Shortly after, the couple moved to France, where their daughter Saatchi was born in ’91 and Subir started a pancake house.

In 2001 he came back alone and stayed for a few years in Invocation, working at La Boutique d’Auroville at Visitors’ Centre and at Freeland Bookshop. In 2004 he left Auroville for Nilgiris to continue working with Mira Aditi there.

We salute an old comrade, OM~