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2 July 2018



In the evening of 23 June, our dear friend and brother Ross A. Elliott left his body in PIMS at the age of 73, after a struggle with cancer that took him through several hospitals since March this year. His wife Agnijata and close friends were with him. He passed away consciously and peacefully.

Australian Ross joined Auroville in December ’95 and has been active ever since, widely and lightly sharing his communication skills with Auroville. Starting at Matrimandir where he gave introduction talks to visitors, he soon entered the world of Entry’s newcomers, students and volunteers whom he guided around Auroville in a light-hearted, animated and highly informative way. Also his improvisation theatre sessions were much appreciated.

Auroville will miss this sociable man whose uplifting and humoristic stance in life will remain a treasured memory for many.

Ross’s remains were taken to the Crown Road’s Farewell Centre to be buried in the afternoon of June 27th at Auroville’s funeral grounds in Adventure in the presence of his wife, his son Shepherd and many friends.

We thank and salute a good friend; may he be in peace.