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5 May 2018

Marcauro passes…

Marcauro was born in Promesse in 07-07-1971 and on Sunday night the 29th he passed to the light. He was given the name Marcauro by the Mother.

Volker his father who lives in the Ashram, Aurora and Grace his sisters are deeply shocked that he left his body so unexpectedly at the prime of his life, 46 years old. He leaves behind Lola his daughter 6 years old, Yaela and her three daughters.

He had dreams to bring his large female company one day back to his home Auroville and was working very hard to try to accomplish this. He worked so hard that his heart gave up.

He was a good Man, taking care of many people but himself, like so many of us in Auroville.

Please join us in thoughts and hold him up to the light and in her eternal embrace.

Greetings on behalf of Volker, Aurora and Grace