News & Notes 746:StoryYoga for Children - Narrated Stories for the Child Soul

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21 April 2018

StoryYoga for Children: Narrated Stories for the Child Soul

StoryYoga illustration.jpg

StoryYoga for Children is a new project I have begun to share stories I have written that seek to bring greater Beauty, Light, and Spirit into storytelling. I invite you to visit the new website at, which is a space for you and your children (and children of all ages!) to enjoy my stories with audio narration done with the support of Miriam and Auroville Radio.

With the help of Marlenka and Marion as narrators, we have now finished 4 stories in English, as well as in Russian language by Alena Demidenko. More stories will come later, including translations in other languages like German, Italian, Tamil and more.

I offer these stories for anyone to share and also use with the children they work with in schools, projects, or just for fun. Stories included are Yaroslava’s Flowers (also available in book form), Julia’s Smile, Laney’s Friends, and The Legend of the Flute Player. We hope you enjoy the stories and share them with others around the world. Donations can be made online towards this project if inspired to do so, but we also would love to have more volunteers to help translate and narrate these and other stories in many different languages.

If interested in helping with this, or if you have any ideas or requests for this project, please contact me, Noel, at earthyogaunity (at) Thank you and may the Stories of your Life be filled with Peace and Joy.