News & Notes 743:The Meetings in Two Banyans

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743 icon.jpg   News & Notes 743
31 March 2018

The Meetings in Two Banyans

“Trees Are Full of Love” (Colline from Montana State, USA).
“Nature is Clever” (Jean from France).
“Auroville is Fascinating” (Joan from Cape Town).

We met twice, on March 9 & 10. For me these events were great. I’m a biologist from Siberia, Russia. Two Banyans is now a place of highest ecological conditions and my heart enjoys in it. Of course every place in Auroville is fascinating, every place is equal – but some places in the city are more equal than others ones. Colline and Jean cared more than forty years about the forest in Two Banyans. Now this place is very attractive for Joan and for me. Joan already visited Auroville and Two Banyans nine years ago. For her Auroville and Two Banyans are now the special magnets.

Not-ordinary people gathered in not-ordinary place. We spoke about love, cleverness-wisdom and about Auroville’s charm. Very different ways we used before these meetings. Colline’s mother was a leader of the girl scouts and those were the happy years for Colline among the girl scouts – the trekking, bonfires, tents, etc. Her father cared about wildlife in the National Park. But, Jean’s father was a carpenter of high level. He can see any tree and immediately tell what kind of things were possible to receive from this tree. But Jean wants to receive only love, oxygen and biomass from all trees.

We reached a consent in the meetings: nature is not for profit and greed of mankind. People are only a part of nature; their goal must be not industry, but biodiversity. The history of Earth has many paradoxes. For example, Buenos Aires means “good air” but now this city has no good air. If somebody wants to find really good air, let them visit Two Banyans!