News & Notes 741:New book – “An Integral Education for Growth and Blossoming”

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17 March 2018

New book: “An Integral Education for Growth and Blossoming”

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SAIIER is happy to announce the publication of the new book, “An Integral Education for Growth and Blossoming”, written by Fabrice Dini and illustrated by Emanuele. This book was released by Prime Minister Modi as part of the program in Bharat Nivas on Feb 25. It takes inspiration from Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, offering practical tools and exercises for developing all parts of the being. As the author describes:

This book is built on the solid foundations of Integral Education. It is an approach that combines in a coherent and subtle way all the aspects of a child's development – physical, emotional, mental and inner. From techniques to develop mental faculties – memorization, concentration, visualization – to tools to better manage stress and cultivate self-confidence in children and adolescents. It also presents the currents shaping the future of education: Mindfulness, emotional intelligence, positive psychology, outdoor education, ethics, character strengths and fundamental human qualities in education, etc. All of these represent tools for parents and teachers to discover and explore.

The book is available at the SAIIER office for Aurovilians and Newcomers at cost price Rs. 680 (using Financial Service accounts). It is also available at the Seagull bookshop in the Visitors' Center, and through