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17 March 2018

A message from the Library

The Auroville Library has been gifted two major development projects over the last few months.

A new hall has been built to expand the collection by an additional 4000-5000 books. This has been made possible thanks to SAIIER, Suhasini as the architect, and Vinayagam as the contractor. It is open since a few weeks.

As part of a UK sponsored research initiative Auroville Consulting installed a solar system at the Library, which is now running only on solar energy since the last eight months. The system supplies the energy demand for the building, the pump for the wastewater treatment, and seven street lights. Having a battery storage and the option to draw electricity from the grid, if and when required, the system has proven to be a guarantee for uninterrupted power supply. Despite regular power cuts in Auroville, recently even for two days, the Auroville Library and the street lights remained operational.

We would like to express our profound gratitude to everyone who has made these developments possible.

The Auroville Library