News & Notes 739:Av Council Report of November, December and January 2017-2018

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3 March 2018

Av Council Report of November, December and January 2017-2018

The Av Council is happy to let the community know that it meets now again in full strength (9 people). For a better access of the community to the Council we propose a trial period during the month of March, where some members from the Auroville Council will be available to meet with the residents every Wednesday from 4.30 to 5.15 pm at their meeting room on the first floor of the Town Hall. If you have any questions for us, please come!

Council internal functioning

Introducing the new team members to the different areas of the Av Council’s work brought in a reflective mode and heightened awareness to the different strands of work and involvement. At the occasion of the welcome celebrations for the new working group members (WCom, FAMC, l’Avenir, Auroville Council) at Unity Pavilion on December 18th, the Av Council shared the scope and intention of their work through a short presentation and a chart - See here […]

Besides attending to the various individual and community issues, the intention of the Av Council is to constantly stay eager learners, improve and refine the team dynamics and team performance, to examine and improve the way we work with other working groups and the community at large, and also to identify areas in the Auroville organization that call for attention and improvement.

To this end the Av Council has fully adopted the guidelines and practices of the “Participatory Working Group”, namely:

a) silent listener (now called Silent Presence Keeper - SPK) in our meetings bringing in an atmosphere of Peace and Unity and
b) resource persons when forming subgroups to tackle a particular topic or issue,
c) facilitators, sub groups and collaborations with other working groups.

Inspired by our learning experience with Jean Francois Noubel, we have introduced 6 basic agreements to support mindful and peaceful interactions during meetings that enhance the emergence of a field of collective intelligence. Presently we are refining and expanding these agreements. If you are interested and want to know more, please contact us.

In order to foster learning to serve better the community in the light of The Mother and Sri Aurobindo, we invited on 30th December Partho (Vedanta and Integral Yoga practitioner and teacher) to share his thoughts and experience on governance. This was a wonderful session that brought revealing insights and renewed motivation to deepen and broaden the Av Council’s focus on how we attune ourselves to our aspiration and hold collective interactions (meetings, etc.)

Work completed or in progress


  • Entry: In collaboration with the WCom, the new Entry Board was selected. A few members from the Av Council are presently supporting the new Entry Board to grow into its work and responsibilities according to its mandate. We are very happy to welcome this very inspired and engaged new team. Council members are supporting the daily work at the Entry office to ensure a smooth transition.


  • Matrimandir: The new executive team has been supported from August until now by the Av Council and WCom with the help of Manas and Leena as facilitators and Marc Tormo as a resource person. This process will be soon at a closure and a review will take place shortly with communication to the community.
  • Housing Board: Two new community representatives Sundar Rajamani and Xavier have been selected for the Housing Board. This was done in collaboration with FAMC and Housing. The Av Council was responsible for the process.
  • Land Board selection process: In collaboration with Wcom, L’avenir and FAMC, the constitution of the selection committee for the Land Board is presently being pursued.

Mandate reviews:

  • Av Council mandate: A subgroup of the Av Council, facilitated by a community member, comprising 3 members of the community and 4 Council members, has been working on a process for the review of working group mandates. By using the Council’s own mandate as an example, it is developing a process for creating and reviewing mandates which better reflects the visions and missions of the groups. The outcome of this exercise is being shared with the full Council team in presence of members of the Working Committee and RAS.
          Some community members have shared their concerns on the fact that the Council was holding its own mandate’s review process, even though reviewing mandates is part of the Council’s present mandate. The concerns were to see an impartial review, as it applies to other working groups.
          We have welcomed and integrated this feedback and it is proposed to hand over the Council’s resulting draft mandate to the Working Committee to hold the completion of the review process, which will include a community process.
          This work is also helping us to deeply reflect on our work and its purpose and its internal functioning.
  • BCC mandate: The amended BCC mandate was presented to the community for feedback. All the feedback received has been looked into and will be replied to individually. The majority of the feedback however relates to the FAMC mandate and not the BCC mandate. Presently the FAMC and BCC are in the process of giving final feedback on the document.
  • Green Group mandate: Recently the Council had a meeting with the Farm Group and Green Group to understand how they function, the problems they are facing and what support is required by them to function well. The Green Group has requested that a community process be initiated for a formal acceptance of the Green Group mandate in the community. A subgroup of the Council is presently looking at the Green Group mandate and has requested initial feedback from the FAMC and l’Avenir.

Peace & Justice

  • Work to re-establish harmony: With the help of Koodam, personal conflicts as well as conflicts with working groups are being looked at, and adequate processes put in place and followed through. This is an ongoing work that touches on a wide range of difficulties/challenges.
          The Conflict Resolution Policy is in the process of being reviewed after more than 2 years of application. The Appeal Process is also under review after 1 year of application.
  • Windara arbitration: We are glad to be able to witness significant progress in the Windarra situation that had gone through an arbitration and is now at a point where the implementation process can be closed as the situation has stabilized. FAMC and Farm group are presently working out the next stage of allocation of stewardship to the farms.
  • Ganesh arbitration: Implementation is in process to repair the free standing house in Aspiration and construct a partial boundary wall to insulate for sound and privacy by Housing.
  • Dogs: The Av Council has received a number of complaints of stray and pet dogs barking through the night and keeping the residents awake. This affects the health and work of the residents. Individual dog owners are being asked to take more responsibility, and the Council is seeking advice from relevant groups to arrive at any possible solution to this issue.
  • Kottakarai farm: The Council received a request from a resident of the Kottakarai farm to fence off part of the farm surrounding their house. Members of the Council visited the farm and this issue was resolved according to the recommendation of the Farm Group, maintaining the integrity of the farm and not dividing it.
  • Clearance to participate in selection processes: A subgroup of the Council is working to establish a process to redress and clear those affected by their exclusion from participating in the Selection Processes.
  • Selection Process review: A process has been initiated to review the working group selection process along with the Study Group, facilitators and a Council subgroup.
  • Matrimandir Gardens: A subgroup has been formed to look into and resolve the difficulties surrounding the manifesting, management and maintenance of the Matrimandir gardens.
  • Youth Hive: Presently dealt by L’avenir regarding the planning issues such as the project's location. The human impact and relationships are supported by the Council but still under reflection by those involved.
  • HRT: A subgroup along with members of FAMC are studying the role and possible expansion of HRT to fulfill its role in developing human resources.
  • Visit to Auro Orchard: Recently, after some interactions with the Farm Group, we accepted an invitation by Christian to visit Auro Orchard and hold one of our meetings there. A full report on this visit can be found here […]

For the Auroville Council: Angelo, Elisa, Enrica, Martin, Matriprasad, Mita, Sandyra, Selvaraj and Shivaya