News & Notes 736:‘Four Brahmacharis standing in a row’

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736 icon.jpg   News & Notes 736
10 February 2018

‘Four Brahmacharis standing in a row’
across the path of the Divine at Brahmasthanam Temple, Chennai

It was the hour before the Gods awake,
Across the path of the Divine Event.
Two intense days’ program was supposed to be all over,
Time was running out for Her and all Her Devotees,
To reach the next destination Coimbatore,
Still have not got my Dharshan.
Needed token in hand and thumbing heart,
Standing all alone at the end of the very long tunnel leading to the Divine,
I have no clue of the drama getting arranged and planned and staged by Her
with Her four Brahmacharis for Her assistants and Herself as a veiled Actor.
Losing all hope and feeling totally dejected,
She, All Knowing One,
Let Her Self Shout aloud twice looking in my direction,
Calling us to come to Her, who have not yet got the Darshan.
Now or never,
Not to miss the last chance and gather up all my strength,
Hurriedly ran up the long path to reach the Divine,
Me the lucky one!
But No!
I was stopped abruptly from behind!
‘Four Brahmacharis standing in a row’
Suddenly held my left arm to prevent me from going up the path.
Needed-DarshanToken I gave them,
But these ‘four Brahmacharis standing in a row’ did not let my arm go free.
Pushed and Pulled,
Twisted, my poor left arm,
Stopped me from going up the path to the Divine.
Realising later that I am not one of their inmates of the Amma’s Ashram,
‘Four Brahmacharis in a row’
Let me free after torturing enough my poor left arm and my shoulder,
I crossed the ‘Doorway to Beyond’
Leaned just a moment my human load on a kind hearted soul on the right,
Balanced my Mind, Body and Heart, up the path,
Faced the Kali, Seated on Her throne
Waiting for me.
Time stopped still,
Was it a moment or Eternity? I did not know,
How long I was squeezed and hugged I did not know,
What was it?
Was it again a Divine Union?
Like other hundred times before,
Happened on the path of the Divine?
Nothing I knew, until
I was conscious of Kali again,
Looking Intently with Her Teasing Eye, and
Handing the Divine Prasad, asked me How are you?
Knowing all Her Tricks and the Ways of Her Divine Cheating,
Personally for the last 21 years, since 1996,
Knowing how my poor arm got pushed and pulled by Her four
Bhrahmacharis standing in a row’
I told Her ‘You Know Everything ‘
With Her Prasad in my hand,
I saw hundred or more lucky ones eagerly
Follow the Path to the Divine,
To have Her Darshan.

24th January 2018 - Brahmasthanam, Chennai.