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3 February 2018

The Auroville’s Earth

“Terre, terre, dans la plaine et sur les hauteurs, sous la pluie et sous le soleil, tu es notre mère, O terre, mère de l’homme, terre de tout vivant” (French, anonymous) – Earth, earth, in the plains and on the heights, in the rain and in the sun, you are our mother, oh earth, mother of men and of all living beings.

There were many guests for the Auroville’s inauguration in 1968 and there will be many guests for the 50 years’ celebration in 2018. In 1968 the landscape was almost deserted (“red earth”) but after fifty years it is nicely green with some black fertile soil. Many of Auroville’s pioneers were French, they particularly arrived in two “caravans” from Paris in 1969 and 1974, lived mainly in Aspiration community for the first years. In that time only one tree was in Aspiration, a tamarind. Now it does not exist anymore but there are hundreds of trees and bushes instead, together with some grass and flowers.

Some years ago as a consequence of the Thane cyclone thousands of trees were uprooted in the city. Their roots were similar to the octopuses’ ones. The fertile earth is like “earthsea”, it is full of different kinds of life: the roots of plants, the termites, ants, worms, fungi, bacteria etc. The Aurovilians have their own invisible roots in the city’s earth. Every year we have more and more residents in Auroville. They cannot live in a deserted landscape. His Holiness the Dalai Lama visited Auroville in 1973 and 1993. He said in 1993: it was a problem to find any shade in the city twenty years ago, now the problem is gone. Shade is needed for people, for the moisture of the soil – for any kind of life on earth.

The Aurovilians gave a rich life (biodiversity) to this part of the planet. The fruitless region was transformed into a very productive one. In the spiritual city of Auroville everything became spiritual: the earth, atmosphere, plants, animals…